December 16, 2011

Mr. Benson : WWII Veteran

Mr. B

This is Mr. B, he lives in Navarre. Born June 19th, 1930 in Minnesota. He went into the army-airforce and was there in San Antonio TX when Lackland was NAMED Lackland.

He was an aviation mechanic and served for 23 years.

I drove out to Navarre, FL, which is about an hour away from Pensacola wednesday night. He likes to go a pub out there and have a couple of drinks and I was surprised (well not surprised) that he had many friends (especially women ;) ) that love him and take care of him. We sat and chatted for an hour and he sat there and gave me specific dates to events in his life. He has an amazing memory.

Well, that night Mr. B fell and went to the hospital. His friend who was emailing me told me that he wasn't doing very well... and today I received the email that said he has passed away.

That's so unbelievable! Goes to show that we are losing our veterans by the day. So this is just a small honor to him.... Cheers, Mr. B!!!



LAr said...

These are really touching, bravo!

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